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Song title: Love Have You Gone (Single)
Artist: Johnathan Dax (feat. Olivia Claire)
Label: JDax Music
Copyright: ℗© JDax Music
Genre: Americana | Pop
Song Length: 00:03:12

The song is digitally available on various streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal HD, Deezer, SoundCloud and many others. You can listen to the album directly on our website here.

For videos visit our YouTube Channel with new videos added frequently.

About the Artist

Johnathan Dax is a music artist and producer from Los Angeles, California. With decades of experience songwriting and performing with artists such as Ray Charles and Natalie Cole, he brings classic and timeless tones to modern and contemporary music. His latest releases have won national and international acclaim, with music streams  consistently on the rise.

You can contact the artist here: contact page.

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