Since childhood, Johnathan Dax has found an almost addictive, hypnotizing quality to music and the positive emotions music can instill.  This unbelievably authentic element to a newly discovered obsession turned into a passion, beginning with becoming immersed in episodes of “Schoolhouse Rock” as a small-town kid, to majoring in music at the University of Colorado, to becoming a touring musician and finance professional. 

In whatever stage of life or stage Johnathan Dax stepped onto, music has always found its place and a way to be shared with others. No matter the project, Johnathan Dax’s passion for music and bringing an uplifting message of love, joy, gratitude and peace to his audience is always there.

As his musical journey continues, Johnathan Dax also wishes to inspire and explore music by continuing with collaborative projects.  As a singer, songwriter, pianist, composer and producer, his ability to bring your musical dreams to life is endless.  Johnathan Dax strives to connect with others through the power and positivity of music by inviting and  attending to any of your musical needs, whether it be a cinematic ballad, the next great country song, or the newest sultry r&b tune to hit the charts.

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Johnathan Dax

Los Angeles (CA)

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